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"Connecting The Dots"

The Cynergy Research "Dividend & Growth Model Portfolio" is diversified amongst the biggest, best, most resilient, profitable, and growing publicly-traded companies in the world, with a 15% compound annual rate of return in CDN$ terms during the last 3.75 years, and 14.1% in US$ terms:

  • 2018: 5.4% (beating the TSX Total Return Index by 14.3%). Returned -3.5% in US$ terms.

  • 2019: 22.2% (tied the TSX TR Index). Returned 26.7% in US$ terms.

  • 2020: 13.4% (beating the TSX TR Index by 7.8%). Returned 15.9% in US$ terms.

  • 2021: 15.5% as of September 30 (2.5% behind the Index). Returned 15.9% in US$ terms.

CDN$1 invested in our Model Portfolio companies on January 1st, 2018, would have grown to CDN$1.46 by December 31, 2020. This equates to a compound annual rate of return of 13.5% over the 3 year time-span. When year to date 2021 is included the compound annual rate of return rises to 15%.

The same dollar invested in the TSX Total Return Index companies over the first 3 years would have returned only CDN$1.18, a gap of 28% (~9.3% per year). This equates to a compound annual rate of return of only 5.7%.

  • Global diversification outside Canada works

Our thesis and process is simple: less than 1% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies going back almost 100 years are responsible for the majority of wealth creation (over and above 30-day Treasury Bill returns), and only 4% of companies provided all of the wealth creation, therefore our job at Cynergy Research Services is to:

  • include as many of the current top 1% in the Model Portfolio as is practical and possible,

  • include other Canadian & International companies in the Model Portfolio that share the "1%" characteristics,

  • monitor up-and-coming companies for inclusion in the Model Portfolio as they are on their way to global scale, and

  • weed out former top companies when they've reached their peak and are about to begin their decline.

If you are a self-directed investor who wants to leverage off independent and unbiased professional research, be globally diversified in your holdings, and enjoy steadily-rising dividend income along with growth in your capital base, our service offering is designed for you.

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