Subscriber Testimonials & Recommendations

Subscriber Testimonials & Recommendations – December 2020

“I was “inspired” by the market crash on March 23rd, 2020, to be more involved in managing our investment portfolio and getting solid advice on investing and investment strategies. I’ve known Michael for over 25 years and have now been working with him for the last few months. At this stage in life we are looking for decent returns and low risk, and Michael’s advice has been invaluable. He has the experience, education, passion and time to focus on his methodology and the Model Portfolio. The kinds of companies in the Portfolio are big, well managed, low debt, dividend-paying ones that can withstand the kind of turmoil that is happening (black swan) – and have a long term focus. They are well diversified by industry sector and internationally, and constantly reviewed. This is not a day trading scenario – it’s occasional tweaking for steady, low risk growth that will fund our retirement. With information and guidance from someone I trust we have significantly reduced investment fees, and have significantly increased peace of mind.”

- M. Alexander, Entrepreneur

“Michael has been working with me for about 2 years. I initially had a very rudimentary understanding of the stock market, trading, and valuation of companies. Since meeting with Michael the first time my confidence in his approach convinced me to change my investing strategy substantially. Cynergy’s Model Portfolio provides a comprehensive breakdown of recommended investments. Valuation of companies and their financials is something that I do not have the time or expertise to do. As a result, my subscription fee is a small price to pay for Michael’s comprehensive analysis. Over the time working with him I have adopted a ‘buy and forget it’ approach, and have been slowly adding the different companies in the Model Portfolio to my own investments. For anyone who is interested in managing their own investments without the stress of picking winners and staying on top of the market, Cynergy Research Services would be a great fit.”

- B. Edwards, Physiotherapist

“Cynergy Research Services has been providing company research and buy, hold, and sell recommendations for me for quite a while now. Michael is a conscientious analyst and investor and the returns that my portfolio have produced speak to that. The interesting thing about Michael and Cynergy is that his research and investment methodology was born out of a need for a cautious, income producing portfolio because he is managing the portfolio for his family. Michael does the heavy lifting on the research side but because I place the orders, I feel like I am in control of my well researched, income producing investment portfolio. I have no hesitation in recommending Cynergy’s services."

- M. Collingwood, CEO

"Michael has made the whole process of investing fun for me! He helped me understand the stock market and how it works. He guided me through the various steps required to open a self-directed RSP, how to buy shares, and, more importantly, which companies to purchase so that my money was put to work making more money than the investments that I have had with other professionals. Getting access to the Model Portfolio spreadsheet that he created makes it all fun! And regularly checking on my investments and reading about and understanding how the stock market works becomes far more interesting than dealing with FaceBook and Instagram."

- A. Khorvash, P.Eng.

"Michael is very good at explaining complex financial concepts in a relatively straight-forward and simple manner such that a person like myself with limited knowledge of the stock market can follow along and make good investing decisions of my own. He is very smart, articulate, conservative, and has an excellent understanding of companies and which ones are worth investing in (and which are not). I trust his judgment completely."

- M. Wolfe, Retired

“Cynergy Research’s Model Portfolio has provided me with index-beating Total Returns these past years, coupled with steadily rising dividend income that I rely on to fund my retirement and cope with the ever-increasing cost of living in Vancouver. I’d recommend Michael’s service offering to anyone.”

- V. Clements, Retired